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DIY way to MGBK your V-Day!

I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. The very thought of that moment… that, movement. They’re in sight and we stop. Eyes connected as it feels like we can’t breathe because of the pounding in our chest. Nerves and attraction over come what little sense we might have left. Someone needs to make a move. One deep breath and I’ll start counting, 1.. 2.. they are coming this way! I start to walk towards them. All smiles, I can’t wait to wrap my arms around them. I can’t wait to look them in the eye. Face to face, heart to heart. This is what it’s all about. This moment. This scene. This is why I love Valentine’s Day.

Every year since little children, we have celebrated some sort of the holiday. Whether it was passing cute cards in class or screaming out on our twitter feeds how this year you will protest it because you are alone. In one way or another, this holiday has been celebrated. In my opinion, it should be! It’s a feel good holiday! A chance to smile, or a chance to make someone else smile. Whether or not you are truly in love isn’t really important. Valentine’s Day is more of the universal holiday to say “You know what? You’re awesome and I appreciate you!”.

Yes, Yes. I went a little bit romantic love scene in the opening paragraph, but that’s just because I have a sappy chick flick obsession. I can’t help wanting that moment when a cute guy stands outside my window with a boom box above his head. Or, the birthday cake a day too late covered in candles between us as we sit on the table in the dinning room. Maybe I just really want that moment under the stairs when this great guy helps me to tie my shoe right before he leans in for an unexpected kiss. Either way, don’t let my own romantic John Hughes fantasies sway you from what’s really important, Valentine’s Day!

It’s here people! Valentine’s Day 2016! What are you doing to show that someone important in your life that YOU REALLY CARE!! Nervous? Out of ideas? Afraid you might fall short of amazing? I got you! One almost annoyingly meticulous planner who is great at giving gifts (or so I’ve been told) and has a generous heart for sharing. Let me give you a DIY way to MGBK your V-Day!

Get Thrifty With It

If you are any bit of a creative with a slight knack for sewing, this could be right up your ally way! All it takes is a keen sense of the person you are gifting and an eye for usable materials at your local vintage or thrift store. The person I made my example gift for is a dancer and a pianist of exponential talent. Unique in his own style, with a rockstar flare. I wanted to personalize this piece.

I started with a basic idea of what I wanted to make. A jacket of some kind was the most solidified of thoughts to cross my mind. Once I decided on the piece, I began to visualize the best way to make it great. Tails! It shot into my mind like a bolt of electricity. Immediately following was how to make it different from normal tails jackets. So I said as easily as anything else, cut the sleeves off. Now it will be a tails vest! Not something I see every day in the common fashion world. My plan was in motion.

I headed to the vintage store on Ventura Blvd. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to find, but it made it even more exciting. I made my way hanger by hanger through the racks of jackets and came to a section of denim. The basic blue denim of all shades crowded the area. In between were the lesser loved colors along with grays and washed out blacks. I found my winners! I chose a dark blackish gray denim jacket. Immediately, I panicked. How was I going to find fabric to match this unique tone? Staring at it and then back at the rack, I hoped to find another jacket of similar color that I could cut up for scraps but came up empty.

I almost put the jacket back when I realized what I have somehow forgotten this whole time, I’m cutting off the sleeves! Right there my answer became clear. I don’t need extra fabric! I just need to make what I have more versatile. So, I took another personal look around the store, because you know I’m important too! -LOL- Then I purchased the jacket and headed home.

I redesigned the sleeves into tails and an extended lapel on one side of the vest with left over sleeve fabric. This person I made the vest for has a tendency to be attracted to the off balance. I lined the tails with an appropriate fabric and then made way to the famous Los Angeles street Melrose Avenue for some embellishments. Choosing some pins and pendants, I finished off the vest with some flare and a zipper with no other half.

Obviously, this is just an example of what could be if you take the time to see the canvas as something different from what it is. If you choose to redesign something, just remember to build it with the person it's for in mind and don’t worry about you. Everything else will just flow. Creativity is emotion. Emotion is strength. Strength is power. Power is love if you use it unselfishly.

I hope you all have a beautiful Valentine's Day filled with lots of smiles, becasue you're awesome!

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